Alan Shulik: The Benefits of Artistic Society Membership

19 Sep

As an experienced, skilled and talented artist and photographer, Alan Shulik has come to understand and appreciate the value of membership in artistic societies. Artistic societies, as he knows, offer artists the unique opportunity to converse with and learn from others that share their passion for the craft, as well as to exchange ideas and opinions about the future of the art scene.

Alan Shulik has enjoyed membership and/or chairperson positions in multiple artistic societies throughout his career, including Shoreline Arts Alliance, the New Haven Arts Council and the Silvermine Guild of Artists. He shares some of the rewards of society membership below.

Skill Improvement

By joining an art society, says Alan Shulik, the artist is able to learn from like-minded, and in many cases, highly-talented individuals, and to obtain insight into and knowledge of better and more unique ways to pursue one’s craft. Working and conversing with other artists, he believes, has sufficiently challenged him to become a better and more skilled photographer.


Artistic societies, says Alan Shulik, allow members to establish extensive networks of like-minded professionals and individuals, providing artists the opportunity to improve their standing in the art scene and to make their work more visible and relevant to their peers and to galleries. The connections he has built within these organizations have provided him enormous and numerous benefits.

Enhancing Visibility

Establishing your place in an artistic society, says Alan Shulik, affords you a better opportunity to get your work exposed to an even larger and more appreciative audience, helping to keep you and your art relevant and improving your opportunities for success.

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