Alan Shulik: Build a Happier, More Satisfying Marriage

13 Sep

An experienced and accomplished clinical psychologist for more than three decades, Alan Shulik has enjoyed the opportunity to work with many couples, particularly married couples, experiencing issues and/or difficulty with maintaining happiness, as well as keeping the spark alive in their relationships. There comes a point in many relationships, as he says, where couples seem to hit what they perceive to be an insurmountable impasse, something they believe can not be overcome.

Alan Shulik understands that solutions do indeed exist for many marriages facing this seemingly overwhelming difficulty. Below, Alan Shulik shares several tips for creating a happier and more enduring partnership.

Treat Your Partner With Respect

Though this may seem simple, being respectful to your partner is often easier said than done, particularly if you are angry or upset. Being nice and respectful, says Alan Shulik, allows you to more effectively keep the communication civilized, and to avoid the intensity or potentially devastating consequences of a bitter, in-house battle.

Some Things Should Slide

Instead of trying to completely change or reform your partner, says Alan Shulik, do your best to work towards compromise, creating middle ground that is able to achieve the most happiness for both parties. Some things you can change, and some things you can’t, making it important to know and be able to tell the difference.

Keep Conversation Flowing

Alan Shulik recommends keeping conversation with your spouse alive and open at all times. Allowing topics or subject matter to stew below the surface, and accepting silence, is never a way to hash out the problems you and your partner mighty have.

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