Alan Shulik: Shopping for the Right Camera

06 Sep

Successful and accomplished photographer Alan Shulik has had his work prominently and proudly displayed at many exhibitions, and in many publications, throughout his extensive career. As an accomplished artist and photographer, Alan Shulik would probably find it hard to argue the camera to be one of the greatest and most powerful loves of his life, one that has provided him immense joy and satisfaction over what has been a thirty-year-plus career.

The ability to effectively enjoy the art of photography, as he knows, generally starts with the right camera. Below, he provides tips in what to consider when shopping for a camera.

Casual photographers, or those who take pictures only on occasion rather than on a daily basis, says Alan Shulik, should consider cell phone cameras, which make it simple and easy for anyone to snap a shot when and wherever they choose. Those not planning on a professional photography career, he says, don’t need to spend the thousands of dollars on a professional device when their phone will most likely suffice.

Enthusiasts who are fans of the great outdoors, says Alan Shulik, should perhaps consider more of a compact and rugged-type camera, one that can more adequately withstand the elements, are more resistant to damage and easy to store and carry until the moment you have the most desired and amazing shot.

For those attempting to transition into more serious photography, says Alan Shulik, a bridge camera may be the best choice available. Somewhere between a compact and a DSLR-type, these cameras are great for people just beginning to consider professional photography.

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