Alan Shulik: Design a Better Website

01 Sep

Alan Shulik is a long-time clinical psychologist, maintaining a busy professional schedule that can be both demanding and rewarding. He is also, however, a talented and experienced photographer, which is why he works hard to keep both his name and his work out there and available for view and consumption. One of the best ways that Alan Shulik knows to market both himself and his photos is through a professionally designed website.

As the owner of, Shulik proudly displays the fruits of his labor in the Web, making his portfolio easy to access, view and analyze. If you’re an artist, and are seeking advice for displaying your own work on the web, Alan Shulik provides some helpful tips below.

Keep It Simple

Too much clutter in a website can make it harder to navigate, and often has the ability to destroy a person’s interest in both the site and the subject matter. Alan Shulik encourages artists to keep their sites clean, simple and easy to use, and to avoid complicated designs and/or navigational items.

Make Your Work Prominent

Your work is what you’re seeking to display on your site, so doesn’t it make sense to make the portfolio the center and most visible part of your site? Sure, graphic design helps with some professional sites, but your work should always take center stage, and should never be upstaged by needless and often expensive graphics.

Ease Up on Color Arrays

As stated earlier, says Alan Shulik, the best websites are the simplest. A wide array of color throughout your website only adds to its complexity, and distracts people from the real purpose, which is to demonstrate your work.

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