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Alan Shulik: The Benefits of Artistic Society Membership

As an experienced, skilled and talented artist and photographer, Alan Shulik has come to understand and appreciate the value of membership in artistic societies. Artistic societies, as he knows, offer artists the unique opportunity to converse with and learn from others that share their passion for the craft, as well as to exchange ideas and opinions about the future of the art scene.

Alan Shulik has enjoyed membership and/or chairperson positions in multiple artistic societies throughout his career, including Shoreline Arts Alliance, the New Haven Arts Council and the Silvermine Guild of Artists. He shares some of the rewards of society membership below.

Skill Improvement

By joining an art society, says Alan Shulik, the artist is able to learn from like-minded, and in many cases, highly-talented individuals, and to obtain insight into and knowledge of better and more unique ways to pursue one’s craft. Working and conversing with other artists, he believes, has sufficiently challenged him to become a better and more skilled photographer.


Artistic societies, says Alan Shulik, allow members to establish extensive networks of like-minded professionals and individuals, providing artists the opportunity to improve their standing in the art scene and to make their work more visible and relevant to their peers and to galleries. The connections he has built within these organizations have provided him enormous and numerous benefits.

Enhancing Visibility

Establishing your place in an artistic society, says Alan Shulik, affords you a better opportunity to get your work exposed to an even larger and more appreciative audience, helping to keep you and your art relevant and improving your opportunities for success.

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Alan Shulik: Build a Happier, More Satisfying Marriage

An experienced and accomplished clinical psychologist for more than three decades, Alan Shulik has enjoyed the opportunity to work with many couples, particularly married couples, experiencing issues and/or difficulty with maintaining happiness, as well as keeping the spark alive in their relationships. There comes a point in many relationships, as he says, where couples seem to hit what they perceive to be an insurmountable impasse, something they believe can not be overcome.

Alan Shulik understands that solutions do indeed exist for many marriages facing this seemingly overwhelming difficulty. Below, Alan Shulik shares several tips for creating a happier and more enduring partnership.

Treat Your Partner With Respect

Though this may seem simple, being respectful to your partner is often easier said than done, particularly if you are angry or upset. Being nice and respectful, says Alan Shulik, allows you to more effectively keep the communication civilized, and to avoid the intensity or potentially devastating consequences of a bitter, in-house battle.

Some Things Should Slide

Instead of trying to completely change or reform your partner, says Alan Shulik, do your best to work towards compromise, creating middle ground that is able to achieve the most happiness for both parties. Some things you can change, and some things you can’t, making it important to know and be able to tell the difference.

Keep Conversation Flowing

Alan Shulik recommends keeping conversation with your spouse alive and open at all times. Allowing topics or subject matter to stew below the surface, and accepting silence, is never a way to hash out the problems you and your partner mighty have.

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Alan Shulik: Shopping for the Right Camera

Successful and accomplished photographer Alan Shulik has had his work prominently and proudly displayed at many exhibitions, and in many publications, throughout his extensive career. As an accomplished artist and photographer, Alan Shulik would probably find it hard to argue the camera to be one of the greatest and most powerful loves of his life, one that has provided him immense joy and satisfaction over what has been a thirty-year-plus career.

The ability to effectively enjoy the art of photography, as he knows, generally starts with the right camera. Below, he provides tips in what to consider when shopping for a camera.

Casual photographers, or those who take pictures only on occasion rather than on a daily basis, says Alan Shulik, should consider cell phone cameras, which make it simple and easy for anyone to snap a shot when and wherever they choose. Those not planning on a professional photography career, he says, don’t need to spend the thousands of dollars on a professional device when their phone will most likely suffice.

Enthusiasts who are fans of the great outdoors, says Alan Shulik, should perhaps consider more of a compact and rugged-type camera, one that can more adequately withstand the elements, are more resistant to damage and easy to store and carry until the moment you have the most desired and amazing shot.

For those attempting to transition into more serious photography, says Alan Shulik, a bridge camera may be the best choice available. Somewhere between a compact and a DSLR-type, these cameras are great for people just beginning to consider professional photography.

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Alan Shulik: Design a Better Website

Alan Shulik is a long-time clinical psychologist, maintaining a busy professional schedule that can be both demanding and rewarding. He is also, however, a talented and experienced photographer, which is why he works hard to keep both his name and his work out there and available for view and consumption. One of the best ways that Alan Shulik knows to market both himself and his photos is through a professionally designed website.

As the owner of, Shulik proudly displays the fruits of his labor in the Web, making his portfolio easy to access, view and analyze. If you’re an artist, and are seeking advice for displaying your own work on the web, Alan Shulik provides some helpful tips below.

Keep It Simple

Too much clutter in a website can make it harder to navigate, and often has the ability to destroy a person’s interest in both the site and the subject matter. Alan Shulik encourages artists to keep their sites clean, simple and easy to use, and to avoid complicated designs and/or navigational items.

Make Your Work Prominent

Your work is what you’re seeking to display on your site, so doesn’t it make sense to make the portfolio the center and most visible part of your site? Sure, graphic design helps with some professional sites, but your work should always take center stage, and should never be upstaged by needless and often expensive graphics.

Ease Up on Color Arrays

As stated earlier, says Alan Shulik, the best websites are the simplest. A wide array of color throughout your website only adds to its complexity, and distracts people from the real purpose, which is to demonstrate your work.

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