Choosing a Doctorate Program, with Alan Shulik

27 Aug

Alan Shulik understands how difficult it can often be to sift through and select the right program for your doctorate-level education. Equipped with a PhD from the California School of Professional Psychology, Alan Shulik knows how overwhelming the PhD decision-making process can be for a young and prospective doctorate student. This is one reason why he seeks to provide several help tips and/or guidelines on things to consider during your PhD selection process.

Look Into the Industry

Many young students already have a healthy knowledge and grasp of the industry they’re seeking to join, simply because they’ve received an undergraduate education that directly pertains to that field. Though this may be the case, says Alan Shulik, it’s still important to look into the educational background of successful industry leaders. The programs these leaders partook in are most likely the best programs available.

Research Program Funding

By now you’re surely aware of the often exorbitant costs linked to higher education, though, says Alan Shulik, many doctoral programs tend to offer a certain degree of funding, allowing students to somewhat mitigate the cost of the PhD venture. Look into programs that not only line up with your academic requirements, but that also provide students with the opportunity for funding.

Location Vs. PhD

Remember, says Alan Shulik, that it’s your PhD that is truly important, and that you’ll often find quality programs that aren’t within your area, or even your state. Never close your mind to the possibility of relocation, he says, as it’s the program, not the area, you’re considering when performing your search.

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