Alan Shulik: Improve the Quality of Your Pictures

23 Aug

As an accomplished photographer with more than 30 years of experience under his belt, Alan Shulik has consistently demonstrated an unparalleled expertise of the field. Since 1991, much of Shulik’s work has been published and/or featured in art exhibitions, establishing him as one of the most prominent photographic talents in the region.

As a photography expert, Alan Shulik often gets asked by amateur photographers for his advice on ways to improve the quality of their pictures. He provides several easy to follow and simple tips for improving your photographic skills almost immediately.

Close In On the Subject

One of the easiest and fastest ways to improve your photography, says Alan Shulik, is to move closer to the subject. Many photographs fail to stand out simply because the subject matter was too far away at the time of the shot. A few steps forward, he says, is often all it takes to enhance picture quality.

Don’t Be Afraid to Practice

Photography, like anything else, says Alan Shulik, requires practice, and a lot of it, to get good. Always seeks out ways to test and improve on your picture-taking skills, regardless of where you are of what you’re doing. Constant and consistent practice helps you develop stronger familiarity with your camera as well as the most effective photography methods.

Watch For the Light

Always be aware of where the sunlight or natural light is whenever preparing for a shot, says Alan Shulik. Figure out how the particular lighting of an area, room or setting can best be used to enhance the quality of the picture, and avoid positions and places where light is more of a hindrance.

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