Using Photoshop: Tips for Beginners, by Alan Shulik

19 Aug

Modern photography has been subject to many developments over the past several decades. Photo manipulation programs, such as Photoshop, have forever changed the face of photography, says Alan Shulik, a talented photographer who recognizes their controversial nature. He also understands, however, that programs like Photoshop can be an extremely useful way to improve the quality and effect of one’s photography.

Below, Alan Shulik provides some helpful tips for photographers new to the Photoshop technology.

Crop Tool

The crop tool, as Alan Shulik knows, can be used to improve the composition of a photograph. Using the Photoshop crop tool can help to correct the composition, easily turning a good picture into a great one. The crop tool often times allows the user to reposition a picture’s focus.

Clone Stamp Tool

Undesirable background distractions, things you may not have wanted in the shot, says Alan Shulik, can be removed using the clone stamp tool. A nature shot, for example, may be better off without the random automobile driving through it. Photoshop provides this tool so the user may effectively remove an unwanted object from a picture.

Photo Filters

Photo filters, says Alan Shulik, allow the user to make adjustments to the colors in a photograph, bringing out the desired brilliance of the picture. When used carefully and effectively, photo filters can help the user turn a good photo into one of professional quality.

Though Alan Shulik doesn’t rely heavily on the Photoshop program, he does understand its many amazing capabilities as a photo manipulation tool. He recommends photographers familiarize themselves with Photoshop software.

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