Photoshop Editing Tips for Beginners: Alan Shulik

02 Aug

One of the most controversial developments in modern photography has been Photoshop and other photo manipulation programs. Alan Shulik says that the introduction of this technology changed the face of photography forever. While there still is quite a bit of controversy about the use of Photoshop and how much is too much, Alan Shulik offers these basic tips for beginners who are looking to start editing their photos using Photoshop:

  • Use the crop tool to improve composition. If you have a great shot but the composition is slightly off, Alan Shulik recommends using the crop tool to reposition the focus of your picture. Alan Shulik advises that this can save many pictures from the bin.
  • Use the clone stamp tool to remove distractions. If you have an otherwise beautiful nature shot but there is a policeman, car, or another unwanted subject, you can remove it using the clone stamp tool, Alan Shulik says.
  • Use photo filters to adjust the warmth or coolness of the colors in your shot. Photo filters can be used to adjust colors so they look more balanced and even, Alan Shulik says. The correct use of photo filters can take an average photo and make it look professional grade.

Alan Shulik doesn’t recommend relying too much on Photoshop, though it has many capabilities. It’s important to perfect and improve upon your photography skills to get the best results. While Alan Shulik believes that Photoshop is a necessary component of most modern photography, he doesn’t believe that it should be a crutch that replaces actual skill.



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