Alan Shulik: The Difference Between Digital and Film Photography

28 Jul

If you are an amateur or professional photographer, Alan Shulik suspects you probably have a strong opinion on whether or not digital is better than film. Of course, Alan Shulik acknowledges that this is a very difficult subject and highly based on opinion. The real answer is that digital is a better medium for some, and film is better for others. Alan Shulik outlines some of the differences between digital and film photography here:

  • If you’re a computer buff, you’ll like digital. Most people who are very active on their computers will find that digital gives them a lot more to work with. Alan Shulik says that digital media is easier to translate to the online environment, and working with digital photos in Photoshop or other image manipulation programs is far easier if they are already in digital format.
  • If you are very focused on color, you may prefer film. Particularly when it comes to capturing skin tone, Alan Shulik says that film generally tends to do a better job. The undertones in digital photographs tend to be far more red.
  • If you are focused on ease-of-use, you’ll want to go digital. Of course, film based cameras are going to have far more moving parts.
  • If you are concerned about the appearance of light in your photos, film is the way to go. Film tends to produce better highlights that are less blown out or overexposed, Alan Shulik says.

Alan Shulik wishes you luck in choosing the right medium for photography.



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