How to Read Body Language with Alan Shulik

14 Jul

As a professional psychologist, Alan Shulik has dedicated a great deal of his life to understanding how other people work. Alan Shulik is a professional and respected psychologist who has worked with a number of people of all ages. Over his years working in psychology, Alan Shulik has learned a lot about body language and what it means. If you are wondering how to understand the body language of others better, Alan Shulik has some tips:

  • Eye contact. Frequent eye contact indicates that the listener is interested and engaged in the conversation. Conversely, eye contact that is infrequent or fleeting can indicate disinterest or a desire to hide one’s true feelings, Alan Shulik says.
  • Blinking. While blinking is a natural reaction, Alan Shulik says that if somebody is blinking far too much it can actually mean something else. Someone who is rapidly blinking may be uncomfortable with the situation.
  • Slight changes in lip shape. While smiling and frowning basically mean the same thing all around the world, Alan Shulik says that people tend to give away whether they are feeling happy or sad far more often than they might believe. For instance, if somebody has their lip slightly up, it generally means that he or she is in a good mood. If the lips are tipped slightly down, it can indicate a more pessimistic state of mind.
  • Crossed arms or crossed legs. Alan Shulik says that this may indicate feeling closed off or defensive. It can also indicate that the person needs privacy.

Alan Shulik says that most communication is nonverbal. Pay attention to body language cues, and you can figure out more about a person than you might expect.



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