Alan Shulik On Joining Artistic Societies

27 Jun

Alan Shulik is no stranger to joining artistic societies. While many believe that art is a solitary pursuit, Alan Shulik knows there is infinite value in joining artistic societies and meeting others who are interested in the same form of art. Alan Shulik has been a member or chairperson in several different artistic societies, including the New Haven Arts Council, Shoreline Arts Alliance, and the Silvermine Guild of Artists. Here, Alan Shulik explains why he believes joining artistic societies is a great idea.

  • You better your skills. Alan Shulik says there is no question: he’s become a much better photographer after having conferred with other people who participate in the art. Alan Shulik feels that meeting up with others who hold the same interests will only challenge you to get better.
  • Networking. Alan Shulik says that one of the biggest advantages he’s gotten through joining artistic societies is the networking that occurs. Through his artistic societies, he has been able to help others further their professional standing, and others have helped him as well.
  • Exposure. There are few better places to get out there and get known then in an artistic society, Alan Shulik says. This is because you have automatic access to people interested in the same things that you are. You don’t have to convince a photographer that photography is interesting.

Alan Shulik believes that all artists should look for fellow artists to connect with. Joining an artistic society is a quick and easy way to do so, and Alan Shulik says that no matter how big or small the area in which you live, there are always other artists around. Make sure to reach out to them.



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